Oakland was the historic name of a former schoolhouse and is also the name of the roadway on which the current property sits beside. The construction of the present day Oakland School is about nine-tenths of a mile from where the original Oakland Schoolhouse was located. Oakland Elementary opened in August of 2015.

The original Oakland School was built around 1890. It was erected on land that was donated for that purpose. The growth from a one-teacher institution to a two-teacher school took place very slowly and in 1912, a new room was added to the existing large classroom. The planner and builder of the school was Mr. Jack Meur. The trustees during the late 1890's were J. L. Kennedy, Bill Killebrew, and Sellie Harris. They served District Two and conducted the selection of the teachers. During the next forty-eight years, twenty teachers occupied the teacher's chair. Those were reportedly: Mrs. Fannie Dower, Mrs. George Rawlins, Dr. Harris, Prof. John Wardroper, Mr. John Lowe, Mrs. Minor Randle, Mrs. Clyde Moore, Miss Annie Dunbar, Mrs. Chap Gill, Miss Bessie Hayes, Miss Kathleen Fry, Miss Annie Smith, Mr. Duke, Mrs. Louis Taylor, Miss Louise Owen, Miss Fannie, Nancy and Katherine Kennedy, Miss Sallie Beaumont, and Mr. Carl G. Bellamy.